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Price and Purchase Information

  • Das Haus Vom Knallhart Kennel pups are typically start at $1800 for limited AKC registration. Occasionally individual litters may vary due to the costs incurred to do the breeding. For pricing on a specific litter, please see the individual litter listing, or contact us.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve a puppy from a litter. Although deposits are nonrefundable, the may be bounced to another litter as many times as needed to get the perfect puppy for you!
  • Deposits will only be accepted from individuals who have already completed our interview and screening process (Puppy Application).
  • Our puppies are sent to their new homes between 8 and 9 weeks of age.
  • All Das Haus Vom Knallhart Kennel pups come with a written 24-month Limited Health Warranty and Lifetime Breeder Support.
  • Das Haus Vom Knallhart Kennel claims Right of First Refusal on all pups we breed, for the lifetime of the dog. This means that if for any reason we feel the puppy is not a well suited dog for the buyer (i.e the puppy has developed different behavior/s after the initial assignment/evaluation, we can offer the buyer the option to adopt another puppy from the same litter or be granted the right of first pick from our next litter). If for any reason a customer is unable or unwilling to keep their dog, we must be contacted before any action is taken and given the opportunity to take back the dog.
  • Das Haus Vom Knallhart Kennel pups are sold with AKC Full (breeding) or Limited (non-breeding) Registration. However, the adopter has to agree to not neuter or spay the puppy before at least 12 months of age. The adopter has to agree to not breed the puppy unless it has passed basic tests of breeding suitability. This includes passing hip/elbow evaluations (OFA) and obtaining at least one of the following title/certificate (BH, IGP) or (CD, AKC ) . The only exceptions to this policy are for conformation showing purposes or for pups sold outside the USA where Full AKC registration is required in order to obtain kennel club registration in the customer's home country.
  • Preference is given to experienced Military/Law Enforcement agencies, experienced GSD owners and working/sporting homes.
  • Worldwide shipping is available. 

* In the event of miscarriage/ fetal re-absorption all deposits will be automatically rolled over to the next litter from the same parents or other parents with similar qualities. 

Puppy Selection

We do allow people to select their own pup; however, we will assist in advising/recommending the best fit between owner/handler. 

We do not sell pups on a "first come, first served" basis with regards to the order in which deposits are received. Prior to accepting a deposit we spend a significant amount of time getting to know our customers and learning about their experience, personality and goals. Based on this information, we then carefully select the pup in the litter that is the most suitable. 

We absolutely will not sell a pup if we are not confident that pup and owner will both be happy with the arrangement. Essentially, each person gets the "pick of the litter" in the sense that each pup is carefully matched to each individual customer. In this way, we ensure that each customer receives the pup most suited to his/her lifestyle and aspirations, and each pup is placed in the home that will best meet its needs and realize its potential.

*All Potential Buyers must Complete the Puppy Application