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Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy has been developed to suite all dogs and is based on positive reinforcement and behavior Shaping. We excel where other common/ classical training methods has failed. Our philosophy is based on establishing and reinforcing a solid basic behaviors the dog can later relay on to help teach the dogs to learn from it's own actions. While others use the word "NO" to point out undesirable behaviors we use it to teach the dog that he/she will miss of the fun if he/she keep hearing the word "NO" what this teach the dog is he/she will have to behave good at all the times, not only while it's owners are present, This way we shape the dog behavior even when you are not around.

Our IN-HOME TRAIN will Work with the Following Behaviors

  • Recall/Come on Command
  • Basic Leash Heeling
  • Jumping on new People
  • Stay in Place Command
  • Sit & Stay until Released
  • Surrounding Familiarization

  • Unwanted Barking (optional)
  • Stay Away from Furniture (optional)
  • Aggression Control
  • Housebreaking/Potty Training (optional)
  • Crate Training (optional)
  • Separation Anxiety Management

We understand everyone's needs are different. That's why our IN-HOME TRAIN is designed to accommodate all your needs, in a convenient way. Our IN-HOME TRAIN is excellent for owners who have some free time on hand and want to be involved and participate in their dog's training. This way you will benefit from all the experience offered by our highly qualified trainers at the convenience of your own home. We guarantee you will achieve the same remarkable results as if you had signed up for our


We will visit you at your home for a minimum of two training sessions. Each session is scheduled a minimum of 7 days apart, which will allow you enough time to practice with your dog. Once the dog masters the basic fundamentals, we will guide you to take control of your dog on and off-leash under everyday distractions. 

Session after session you and people around you will be able to notice a magnificent behavioral change in your dog and you will be able to stop/control unwanted behaviors while sustaining obedience around other people and their pets, all through positive encouragement. With the help of our skilled trainers you and your dog will reach new levels. To make it of unbelievable value, we will be honored to offer our unlimited follow up for the life of your dog.

Planning on a Vacation?

Our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN make going on a vacation even more fun! Fantasize about coming home from a nice vacation to meet your new, well-behaved companion who will be dropped-off at your convenience. 

Schedule too hectic to Train?

We hear you! That's why we developed our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN to accommodate your stressful work days so you can have more time to your family and to yourself. Come back home and enjoy having fun with your well-mannered dog.

Ready to schedule?

Please complete our Pre-Schedule questionnaire to help us answer all of your concerns. 

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