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We only breed top quality GSDs from European working bloodlines. Our goal as small breeders is to enhance genetic quality of the GSD, promoting the traits that make this breed exceptional. 

Our dogs are trained in Schutzhund (now called IGP), which remains one of the most stringent and comprehensive methods for ensuring that the GSD breed remains true to its working heritage. The Schutzhund requirements for a dog to be proficient in tracking, obedience and protection work in order to earn a Schutzhund title ensure the breed remains the all-around "Jack of all trades" working dog that it was intended to be. IGP provides important knowledge as to the dog's temperament and abilities, and helps separate dogs who possess the proper characteristics to be an asset to the breed from those who should not be bred. 

While titles are fundamental measures of breed worthiness and provide an official record of a dog's abilities, we believe this is only a part of their true talent. The time spent working with the dog and the rigorous training toward a title is truly the most valuable when it comes to evaluating temperament and working ability. With this in mind, our dogs are Handler Owned and Trained (HOT). In other words, we choose to raise, train and title our dogs ourselves, rather than purchase already trained or titled dogs, or send our dogs off to have titles put on them by professional trainers.  

Dogs from our breedings are excelling in schutzhund/IGP and other protection sports, agility, competitive obedience, herding, law enforcement, detection, tracking/trailing, nosework, search and rescue, service work, farm work and personal protection, while at the same time serving their families as trustworthy, loving and devoted companions. There is no better dog in the world than a good GSD, and that's what you will find at Das Haus Vom Knallhart Kennel.

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