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Our Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy has been developed to suite all dogs and is based on positive reinforcement and behavior Shaping. We excel where other common/ classical training methods has failed. Our philosophy is based on establishing and reinforcing a solid basic behaviors the dog can later relay on to help teach the dogs to learn from it's own actions. While others use the word "NO" to point out undesirable behaviors we use it to teach the dog that he/she will miss of the fun if he/she keep hearing the word "NO" what this teach the dog is he/she will have to behave good at all the times, not only while it's owners are present, This way we shape the dog behavior even when you are not around.

Do you Worry about your Furry while you're Away?


Our VISIT & TRAIN can works with all the following behaviors

  • Recall/Come on Command
  • Basic Leash Heeling
  • Jumping on new People
  • Stay in Place Command
  • Sit & Stay until Released

  • Unwanted Barking (optional)
  • Stay Away from Furniture (optional)
  • Aggression Control
  • Separation Anxiety Management
  • Surrounding Familiarization

Worry no more! We have designed a perfect program just for you and your furry! Our VISIT & TRAIN is designed for circumstances where you must be away from home and have no one to check on your furry family member. 

  • 30 Minute Check-In; We will visit your home to administrate feed, medication, add/change water and walk your dog.
  • 30 Minute Visit & Train; We will visit your home to administrate feed, add/change water, administer medication, walk your dog so he/she can go to bathroom and train your dog for a 30-minute session.

*VISIT & TRAIN is offered locally (within 10-mile radius) with no commute charge. A charge of $1 per mile will be added to the visit/session if outside the 10-mile radius.

Planning on a Vacation?

Our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN make going on a vacation even more fun! Fantasize about coming home from a nice vacation to meet your new, well-behaved companion who will be dropped-off at your convenience. 

Schedule too hectic to Train?

We hear you! That's why we developed our TWO-WEEK BOARD & TRAIN to accommodate your stressful work days so you can have more time to your family and to yourself. Come back home and enjoy having fun with your well-mannered dog.

Ready to schedule?

Please complete our Pre-Schedule questionnaire to help us answer all of your concerns. 

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Training Agreement

By enrolling the dog and upon placing a deposit for any of DFW K9 training programs, the client (dog owner) fully consent they have read and agrees to all of the following:

The Contract ends on [contract end date] unless one of the parties ends the contract before that time. If the Client (dog owner) chooses to end the Contract prior to Program/service completion, the Client (dog owner) is responsible for paying for the total amount agreed on for the program/service. If the DFW K9 chooses to end the Contract prior to Program/service completion, the Client (dog owner) is responsible for paying for all work and cost incurred up until that date.

In the event of emergency care, the client (dog owner) authorize DFW K9 to secure emergency veterinary/urgent vet care and the client (dog owner) will be finically responsible to pay for all relating costs to this care.

In the event of death from a medical-related issue the client (dog owner) releases DFW K9 from any liability.

In the event a client's dog(s) escapes, becomes lost or missing DFW K9 will take all reasonable measures to retrieve the dog(s). If the dog(s) cannot be located or is/or found dead DFW K9 will offer to replace the dog(s).

Risk of loss, while the dog enrolled in any of DFW K9 board and train programs, DFW K9 shall not be liable for any injury, sickness, death or any cause of action arising from or connecting to the boarding and/or training of the dog. Client (dog owner) agrees to hold DFW K9 harmless for any loss or injury to said dog. All costs, no matter how catastrophic, connected with boarding, training or for any other reason for which the dog is on the premises of DFW K9, are to be borne by client (dog owner).