The Aggressive Dog Program (ADP) is a board and train program based on the severity of your dog’s aggression. For an aggressive dog who has bitten a human or animal, the average length of ADP is usually 5-6 weeks for on-leash training and  6-8 weeks for *off-leash training.

Many clients falsely assume their dog is aggressive while in reality their dog is defensive. Aggressive and defensive drives/behaviors are commonly misinterpreted, especially by inexperienced handlers/owners but also by dog trainers/behaviorists. Drive determination takes a well-seasoned K9 handler/trainer with a lot of experience within the K9 world to distinguish the difference between the two drives/behaviors.

Aggression in dogs can be dangerous or even fatal at times. We have helped many clients who turned to us as the last resort after trying almost everything offered by other canine training facilities. Unfortunately, many people with aggressive/defensive dogs have been sued, gotten into legal trouble with their neighbors or even forced to euthanize their dog. It is typical to feel powerless. Despite the frustration and feelings of hopelessness, we can assure you that IT IS POSSIBLE to rehabilitate your dog.

Although aggression/defensiveness can be directed at anything, people and other dogs are typically the target. Aggression toward people can be caused by multiple factors but is commonly rooted in bad temperament/genetics, fear, negative association, lack of socialization, poor/lack of training, and or poorly-defined pack hierarchy. Aggression toward other dogs can be caused by poorly-defined household rules/boundaries, improper introduction of one dog to another, and/or multiple uncontrolled dogs in one area. Owners of aggressive dogs need to be aware that it is their responsibility to make sure they stay on top of their dog’s training and enforce only desired behaviors.

Our Aggressive Dog Program (ADP) will Sharpen/Teach the Following Behaviors:


  • Establishing boundaries through pack hierarchy.
  • *Curbing excessive barking.
  • *Teaching dogs to wait patiently at the door.
  • Preventing pulling on the leash during walks.
  • *Discouraging jumping on furniture.
  • Stopping dogs from jumping on people.
  • **Offering optional housebreaking and potty training.
  • Familiarizing and socializing dogs with public places and other pets.


  • Recall (on or *off-leash)
  • Heeling (on or *off-leash)
  • Sit (on or *off-leash)
  • Lay (on or *off-leash)
  • Bed (on or *off-leash)
  • Crate (on or *off-leash)
  • Leave it (on or *off-leash)
  • Fetch (on or *off-leash)

ADP Overview

Once we have a firm understanding of the root cause(s) of your dog’s motivation to react aggressively, we tailor the ADP so your dog can begin to overcome wrong associations, bad experiences, fears and stress. ADP starts with a foundational phase, where we establish pack hierarchy (teaching the dog they can trust us as leaders and food providers). This will eliminate many conflicts owners commonly face related to potty and crate training, handling (being pet, handled, bathed, groomed, etc.), walking on different types of surfaces (concrete, asphalt, wet and dry grass, sand, mud, etc.), walking on-leash, and accepting the wear of a collar. We also introduce the dog to food luring and emphasize familiarization and socialization, in which your dog will be around people from different ethnicities and colors, other pets, large animals, loud noises, moving objects and other environmental distractions.

Once your dog has foundational skills, we focus on teaching the obedience basics, including Recall, basic Heel (walking on a loose leash), Sit, Lay, Crate, Bed, In  and Out. All commands inherently include basic Stay, meaning your dog will remain in the last command until freed. While teaching the basics. We also work on housebreaking and reshaping unwanted behaviors, like *chewing, *digging, *excessive barking, *bolting, jumping on people and *furniture,*counter surfing, and pulling on the leash.

While your dog is enrolled in ADP, we will create a private Google Drive folder where we will share pictures and videos of your dog so you can stay up to date and involved in their progress.

Once your dog finish/graduates ADP, they will be awarded a training certificate.

Upon finishing the program/graduation, and after scheduling the drop-off date and time, we will return your trained dog free of charge. When we arrive with your dog, you will receive an hour and a half of orientation where we demonstrate how to correctly command your dog and properly enforce commands using the training collar if on-leash trained and E-Collar if *off-leashed trained when needed, the same way we taught your dog at our facility.

As the owner of your newly trained canine companion, understanding your dog’s new skills is one of the most important aspects of their success. Upon drop-off, you – and any family members – will demonstrate your ability to enforce your dog’s desired behaviors. This will eliminate conflict and guarantee a smooth transition as your dog recognizes you as their leader and food provider.

All our board and train programs are backed by lifetime support. This means we will assist you with any training issues through voice/video call, texts, emails, or through visual learning aids (i.e. videos of dogs who have had the same issues and how that unwanted behavior was reshaped). We can determine if an on-site visit may be necessary if more serious concerns or issues arise.

Who may Benefit from our ADP?


  • Owners who don’t want to worry about the risk of their dog biting them, someone else, or another pet/animal
  • Owners who want to be able to include their dog in their everyday activities without being worried about their dog’s aggressive behavior
  • Owners who want to have a higher level of control over their dogs
  • Owners who want their dog to interact safely and positively around other people and pets
  • Owners who like to stay active and include their dogs in outdoor activities (camping, hiking, biking, running, etc.) in public spaces
  • Owners who want to eliminate/mediate the risk of their dog getting into a fight with another dog/dogs

ADP Prerequisite

  • Potty and crate trained. If your dog is not potty and crate trained, they will automatically be enrolled in our indoor package (potty and crate training)
  • Most current vaccination record and rabies certificate
  • A small bag of the dog’s current dry food
    Any additional medications or supplements the dog is currently prescribed or taking

Pricing, Enrollment, Pick- Up & Drop-Off

  • Please reach out to us through phone, text, email or by submitting our online interest form to learn about up-to-date rates for ADP. Please keep in mind that training costs may seem like a lot at first; however, we urge you to take some time to learn about the time required to properly train a dog so they can evolve into a well-behaved companion that is much more pleasant to be around for everyone. Think of training as an investment in your dog that you will enjoy for the rest of your dog’s life.
  • ADP training slots are offered at very limited numbers so we can guarantee our training results. This means we ensure we dedicate the right amount of time for every single dog enrolled. A maximum of one new slot may only be available every other week!
  • We offer FREE pick-up and drop-off for all of our board and train programs. We offer this service to help us learn more about how your dog behaves in their own territory. This is key in establishing a tailed program for your dog and your family. Our clients find our pick-up and drop-off service very convenient.

The presence of a single asterisk (*) indicates a requirement for off-leash training, which is provided exclusively through our Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Meanwhile, two asterisks (**) signify an add-on package.