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About Us!

DFW K9 provides assistance and education services to owners who are pursuing obedience training, behavior modification, competitive training, protection, service/therapy dog  and basic household manners for their canine companions. 

DFW K9 knows every dog is unique and every dog problem has a solution! We are here to help you better understand your dog's behaviors, what motivates them and how training will improve the functionality and happiness of your entire household. Our programs are individually tailored so every dog can be successful , and we are flexible in modifying your dog's training to best fit your availability and lifestyle.

Get to Know Us!

Proud veteran, previous Kennel Master, K9 Behaviorist, Trainer and Handler for the U.S Army and DOD, and currently a Registered Helper with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA). In addition to the experiences and knowledge I have acquired from being a professional K9 Handler/Trainer, I have been around dogs for the entirety of my life and, through this, have developed a lifelong love and respect for all dogs.

As a professional dog trainer, I have trained many breeds in various settings, including private/group sessions, board & train and in-home training. I have hosted and co-hosted dog boot camp courses. I also evaluate dogs to serve/work/participate in many disciplines, including obedience, sport, K9 work or therapy.  

Our Mission!

At DFW K9 we believe all dogs are trainable and all the bad learned behaviors/habits can be un-taught, modified or reshaped. It's a fact that same dogs are easier to train or faster learner than other, even within the same breed, but at DFW K9 we are committed to train all dogs and get them to better serve their purpose.

At DFW K9 we  in customer satisfaction, but we also know that is only possible with quality service. Your dog is part of your family and you shouldn't trust just anyone to train them. We promise to treat your dog as though he/she was our own. Your success is our success, and we are only satisfied when you are!

How Do We Do It?

We offer a variety of training formats, including but not limited to board & train, private one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and in-home training. Obedience training programs are offered at varying levels, including basic, off-leash, and advanced. We have training programs for puppy management, behavior modification and specialized training (sport/work, protection, nose work and therapy dogs).

DFW K9 is unique in its training atmosphere and approach in that our facility is located at our own residence. So unlike other commercial dog training facilities, your dog will receive the attention and care they need to be successfully trained throughout the entirety of their stay.  

Our dog training facility is dedicated to dogs, fully indoor and heated/cooled with kennels that are safe, roomy and comfortable. For indoor training needs, your dog will stay with us inside our home for maximum exposure to scenarios of everyday life. To address separation, vehicle and any social anxiety, your dog will accompany us on multiple trips to dog-friendly establishments. Your dog will be allowed plenty of physical activity and relaxation time during their stay on our 20+ grassy acres with a pond and shady trees. 

Why Us?

Our team of professional dog trainers is experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about your dog's physical and mental health.

DFW K9 will make sure you get the results you're paying for. With the help and hard work of our trainers will you achieve all of your dog training goals!