Our Basic Canine Training (BCT) will Teach the Following Behaviors, On-Leash


  • Establishing boundaries through pack hierarchy.
  • *Curbing excessive barking.
  • *Teaching dogs to wait patiently at the door.
  • Preventing pulling on the leash during walks.
  • *Discouraging jumping on furniture.
  • Stopping dogs from jumping on people.
  • **Offering optional housebreaking and potty training.
  • Familiarizing and socializing dogs with public places and other pets.


  • Recall (on or *off-leash)
  • Heeling (on or *off-leash)
  • Sit (on or *off-leash)
  • Lay (on or *off-leash)
  • Bed (on or *off-leash)
  • Crate (on or *off-leash)
  • Leave it (on or *off-leash)
  • Fetch (on or *off-leash)

BCT Overview

Basic Canine Training (BCT) is a 3-week board and train program expertly designed for dogs over six months of age. By choosing our BCT program, you will save time and money, while ensuring your dog receives professional, convenient, and effective training.

While an average dog with a higher food-drive and prey-drive, and typical behavioral issues and conflicts, can potentially complete our Basic Canine Training (BCT) program in just three weeks, some dogs may require additional attention and time. Dogs with lower food-drive and/or prey-drive, shyness, reluctance to socialize, being overweight, lacking proper potty and/or crate training, or experiencing separation anxiety may benefit from our modified Basic Canine Training (mBCT) program.

The mBCT program extends the training duration to a minimum of four weeks, ensuring we have sufficient time to address and reshape these beyond-average behavioral issues or conflicts. Our dedicated team of trainers will work closely with your canine companion, offering a tailored approach to help them overcome their unique challenges and achieve the desired training outcomes.

The BCT program consists of two main phases. The first phase establishes a solid foundation where we teach your dog to trust us as leaders and food providers, effectively eliminating common conflicts related to potty and crate training, handling, walking on various surfaces, walking on-leash, and wearing a collar. Additionally, your dog will be introduced to food luring and will experience socialization with diverse people, pets, and environmental distractions.

In the second phase, we concentrate on essential obedience skills, such as Recall, basic Heel, Sit, Lay, Crate, Bed, In, and Out. Each command inherently includes basic Stay, ensuring your dog remains in position until released. We also work on housebreaking and reshaping unwanted behaviors, like *chewing, *digging, *excessive barking, *bolting, jumping on people and *furniture,*counter surfing, and pulling on the leash.

During the BCT or mBCT program, we will provide you with access to a private Google Drive folder, where we will regularly upload pictures and videos of your dog’s progress, keeping you involved and informed.

Upon completion of the BCT or mBCT program, your dog will receive a training certificate.

When your dog is ready to return home, we will arrange a drop-off date and time and deliver your trained canine companion free of charge. At this time, you and your family will participate in a 60-90-minute orientation to learn how to properly command and enforce behaviors using the training collar, ensuring a seamless transition.

As the owner, understanding and utilizing your dog’s new skills is crucial for success. We will support you and your family in demonstrating the ability to enforce desired behaviors, eliminating conflict and reaffirming your role as leader and food provider.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with the completion of the BCT or mBCT program. We offer lifetime support for all our board and train programs. Should you need assistance, we are available through voice/video calls, texts, emails, or visual learning aids. If necessary, we can also determine whether an on-site visit is required to address more serious concerns or issues.

Choose our Basic Canine Training program or the modified version for a professional, convenient, and convincing solution to your dog training needs. With our expertise, you’ll save time and money, while receiving the support and assurance of a well-trained canine companion.

Who may Benefit from our BCT?

  • Responsible dog owners who value proper training and care.
  • Owners seeking to showcase their dog as well-behaved and well-mannered.
  • Those who want their dogs to actively participate in everyday life events, such as walking, shopping, or attending sports practices and games.
  • Owners lacking the time or experience to effectively train their dogs.
  • Individuals planning for their dogs to serve in various roles, such as sport, protection, service, therapy, or emotional support.
  • Active owners who enjoy involving their dogs in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, or running.
  • Owners aiming to reduce or eliminate the risk of accidents, such as their dog running into a street or engaging in fights with other dogs in public settings.

BCT Prerequisite

Before enrollment, please ensure your dog meets the following requirements:

  • Potty and Crate Trained: If your dog is not potty and/or crate trained, they will automatically be enrolled in our mBCT and we will add our Foundation Package to their training, which includes potty and crate training.
  • No Food Aggression: Dogs with food aggression will be automatically enrolled in our mBCT and we will add our our Food Aggression Package, which focuses on reshaping food aggression behaviors.
  • Friendly toward Humans and Other Pets: This ensures a safe and productive training environment for all involved.
  • Up-to-date Vaccination Record and Rabies Certificate: Please provide us with your dog’s most recent vaccination records and rabies certificate for the safety of all dogs and trainers.

Additionally, kindly provide the following items when enrolling your dog in our training programs:

    • A small bag of your dog’s current dry food: This helps maintain dietary consistency and prevents gastrointestinal issues.
    • Any additional medications or supplements your dog is currently prescribed or taking: This ensures we can continue administering the necessary treatments during the training program.

Pricing, Enrollment, Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We encourage you to reach out to us via phone, text, email, or our online query form for the latest information on our Basic Canine Training (BCT) and modified Basic Canine Training (MBCT) rates. While board and train facilities with proven results typically charge between $100 and $150 per day, our pricing remains competitive despite the superior quality of training we provide.

It’s essential to recognize that the upfront expense of professional training pays off significantly in the long run. At our facility, your dog participates in 7 to 9 daily training sessions, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. This amounts to a comprehensive 3.5 to 4.5 hours of dedicated training each day. This schedule doesn’t even include the time devoted to socialization, recreational activities, feeding, grooming, and overall care, ensuring your dog’s needs are fully met.

Training with us is not just a purchase but an impactful investment in your dog’s future. It saves you potentially endless hours while avoiding common setbacks often encountered during self-training. More so, it paves the way for a harmonious long-term relationship with your pet. By choosing our services, you’re opting for a stress-free, efficient route that secures a well-mannered canine companion for years to come. Consider the lasting benefits and peace of mind that professional training will bring to both you and your dog’s life.

To guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our BCT or mBCT programs, we offer limited training slots, ensuring that each enrolled dog receives the necessary time and attention. New openings may be available as infrequently as every other week.

To further enhance your experience, we provide a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service for all our board and train programs. This service allows us to better understand your dog’s behavior in their familiar environment, where we’ll assess how you interact with your dog to understand your handling style. Upon drop-off, we’ll offer feedback to refine your techniques, ensuring they align with our training and prevent misunderstandings. Proper handling is key, especially when reintegrating your dog into your family, reinforcing the training they’ve received. which is crucial for developing a tailored training plan for your dog and your family.

Our clients appreciate the added convenience of our pick-up and drop-off service, making the training process even more seamless and enjoyable.

The presence of a single asterisk (*) indicates a requirement for off-leash training, which is provided exclusively through our Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Meanwhile, two asterisks (**) signify an add-on package.