Our Rescued Dog Program (RDP) will Teach/Enhance the Following Behaviors:


  • Establishing boundaries through pack hierarchy.
  • *Curbing excessive barking.
  • *Teaching dogs to wait patiently at the door.
  • Preventing pulling on the leash during walks.
  • *Discouraging jumping on furniture.
  • Stopping dogs from jumping on people.
  • **Offering optional housebreaking and potty training.
  • Familiarizing and socializing dogs with public places and other pets.


  • Recall (on or *off-leash)
  • Heeling (on or *off-leash)
  • Sit (on or *off-leash)
  • Lay (on or *off-leash)
  • Bed (on or *off-leash)
  • Crate (on or *off-leash)
  • Leave it (on or *off-leash)
  • Fetch (on or *off-leash)

RDP Overview

Rescued Dog Program (RDP) is a 5-week board and train program designed to specifically address common behaviors and temperament issues frequently encountered in rescued/adopted dogs/puppies after being exposed to shelters and/or foster homes.  Dogs/puppies exposed to these living conditions form undesirable behaviors to protect themselves against the inconsistencies they face in their everyday lives. We have customized the ideal training program to redirect these unwanted behaviors and bring out the best in your rescued dog.

We will work diligently with your rescued dog to help them overcome their fears and stress. Once progress is made, it is time for the actual training start. RDP starts with a foundational phase, where we teach your dog pack hierarchy (get the dog to accept us as leaders and food provider to eliminate common conflicts), **potty and crate training, **handling (being pet, bathed and groomed), getting used to be on different types of surfaces (concrete, asphalt, wet and dry grass, sand and mud), walking on leash and accepting the wear of a collar, food luring and familiarization and socialization where we get the dog to be around people from different ethnicities and colors, other pets, animals, loud noises, moving objects and other environmental distractions.

Once the dog learned the foundation, we focus on teaching the basics where we teach Recall, basic Heeling (walking on a loose leash), Sit, Lay, Crate, Bed, In and Out. All commands taught in this program are on leash. all commands has the basic “stay” implanted within, so there will be no needs to say the word stay, since the dog will perform the command and keep it until freed. While teaching the basics we also work on housebreaking and reshaping unwanted behaviors, like *chewing, *digging, *excessive barking, *bolting, jumping on people and *furniture,*counter surfing, and pulling on the leash.

While the dog enrolled in our RDP, we will create an individual Google Drive folder and share pictures and videos to keep owners up to date with their dog progress.

Once the dog finish/graduate RDP, they will be awarded a training certificate.

Upon finishing the program/graduation, and after scheduling the Drop Off date and time, we will bring your trained dog back we we provide an hour of orientation where we demonstrate how to correctly command the dog and how to enforce your commands when needed, the same way we have taught the dog at our faciality, then task you and your family members to demonstrate your learning, since training the owners is one of the most aspects in any dog training program, to eliminate any conflicts and guarantee a smooth chain of command transition (getting the dog to take you as a leader and food provider).

All our board and train programs are backed by our lifetime support, where we will help you with training, enforcement of pack hierarchy and any related issues throughout voice/video call, texts or emails, providing visual learning aids (videos of dogs who has the same issues and how we deal with it and reshape it) and even an on site visit for more series issues.

RDP Perquisite

  • Potty and crate trained. If not, the dog automatically will be enrolled in our indoor package (potty and crate training)
  • Friendliness towards humans and pets.
  • No food aggression. If is, the dog will be automatically enrolled in our food aggression package (food aggression behavior reshaping)
  • The most current vaccinations record and rabies certificate
  • A small bag of the current food the dog is currently on
  • Any additional medical or supplements the dog is currently on

Pricing, Enrollment, Pick-Up and Drop-Off

  • Please reach out to us through; phone, text, email or by submitting our online interest form to learn about up-to-date, current going rates for our RDP. Please keep in mind dogs training associate tuitions might sounds a lot at first, instead we want you to take some time, to read, research and learn about how much time consuming, involving and all the details associated with training a dog to be a well-behaved, easier to control and much more fun and pleasant to have. The best way is to think about it as an investment in your dog you will enjoy for the lifetime of the dog.
  • RDP training slots are offered at a very limited numbers to guarantee our training results and dedicating the right amount of time for every single dog enrolled in the RDP. On a regular basis, a minimum of one new slot usually will be available every other week
  • We offer FREE pick up and drop off for all of our board and train programs. Beside it help us learn more about how is your dog behave in their own territory, in their everyday life, it will make it more coinvent, sufficient and help you accommodating your hectic schedule

Who might benefit from our RDP

  • Owners who did or are considering adapting/rehoming or rescuing a dog/puppy and want to make sure their adapted/rescued dog/puppy will fit within their families without having to deals with all the hustle/risking getting the adapted/rescued dog/puppy in even more conflict or stress.
  • Owners who want their adapted/rescued dog/puppy to behave well.
  • Owners who want their adapted/rescued dog/puppy to participate in their everyday life event (walking, shopping, going to sport practice, etc).
  • Owners who don’t have enough time, experience or both to train their newly adapted/rescued dog/puppy, Owners who like to stay active and include their dogs in the activities (camping, hiking, biking, running or etc).
  • Owners who wants to eliminate/limit the risk of liability of their dog(s) getting in accident (running outside doors/gates into a street/highway).
  • Owners who DON”T have to worries about the risk of their dog biting them, someone else, or another pet/animal.

The presence of a single asterisk (*) indicates a requirement for off-leash training, which is provided exclusively through our Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Meanwhile, two asterisks (**) signify an add-on package.